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Promote Your Music

Get heard with these music promotion tools!

Promote your music

Making your music available doesn’t mean your music will make an impact. Your listeners still need to encounter and fall in love with your songs. That’s why CD Baby has gathered together a suite of cutting-edge music marketing and promotion tools, to get your music the attention it deserves.


  • Impress new listeners
  • Energize your diehard fans
  • Boost your streams & merch sales

It’s time to get serious about marketing your music.

SymphonyOS: Grow your fanbase on autopilot

SymphonyOS promotional banner

Simplify and automate the hard work of music marketing.

With Symphony you can:

  • Get your music in front of more listeners. Run Al-powered social media advertising to grow your audience and achieve your goals.
  • Create custom pre-save landing pages, collect fan data and boost song saves with every release through Forever Saves.
  • Track your fans and understand how your fanbase and business are growing in one dashboard. FREE marketing tools used by major labels

With, you can:

  • Launch a Spotify pre-save campaign
  • Grow your Spotify following
  • Build your email list
  • Premiere a YouTube video
  • NEW: Create a Spotify audio ad

These are the same online marketing tools used by Sony and Universal — and as a CD Baby client, you get to use them FOR FREE!

HearNow: A smart promo page for your next release

Just one click is all it takes to create an elegant landing page for your release, instantly populated with audio, artwork, and more.

If you’re serious about music promotion, you need a HearNow site to:

  • Link to every music service from one page
  • Make it easy for your fans to share your new release
  • Build your Spotify following
  • Automatically update as new stores are added

Internet Radio Airplay:
Get 100 internet radio plays for FREE!

radio airplay

Guaranteed radio play to thousands of listeners who like your style of music? It’s simple: target your ideal fans — we’ll do the rest.

Laylo: Let your fans know when you’ve dropped new music

Laylo music promotion banner

With Laylo you can:

  • Notify your fans via text, email, and DMs
  • Access Spotify auto-follow
  • Give your fans access to 1-click presaves

Get 20% off your first month of Laylo Pro with code CDBABY

Groover: Connect with influencers seeking emerging talents

Groover music promotion banner

With Groover you can:

  • Submit your new release in seconds
  • Choose among 2,000+ blogs, radios, playlist curators and music industry professionals
  • Get your music listened to and receive feedback GUARANTEED

Groover helps your music project get coverage, visibility, and recognition. Over 300k written articles, radio broadcasts, playlist shares and meetings with industry professionals have already happened thanks to Groover!

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