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CDB Boost goes beyond just distributing your music.

Introducing CDB Boost

Expand your reach and earnings when you add CDB Boost ($39.99) to any single or album.
You’ll unlock an advanced suite of tools, partnerships, and revenue-maximizing solutions, including:

Mechanical Royalty Collection

Whenever a track is streamed in the United States, it generates two kinds of royalties. One for the recording and one for the composition.

You get paid the first kind automatically through your distributor (CD Baby!). But the second is collected by The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC).

With CDB Boost, we’ll register your music with The MLC and help you earn “mechanical royalties” whenever your original songs are streamed in the United States.

Digital Performance Royalties

Whenever tracks are played on non-interactive streaming and satellite radio services such as Pandora Radio and SiriusXM, a “digital performance royalty” is generated.

With CDB Boost, we’ll register your sound recordings with SoundExchange, the largest neighboring rights organization in the world.

This is a crucial step in earning revenue for non-interactive streams, digital and satellite radio spins, and more.

Sync Licensing

Getting your songs placed in films, TV shows, video games, and commercials can be one of the best ways to earn meaningful revenue and reach massive audiences with your music.

CD Baby’s Sync Licensing team has placed thousands of songs across HBO, Netflix, major TV networks and film studios, ad catalogs, and more.

With CDB Boost, you’ll have the opportunity to get placed, reach new listeners, and earn upfront sync fees, performance royalties, or both! Learn more about sync licensing.

Do I need CDB Boost if I live outside the USA?

Without CDB Boost, you may be missing out on both publishing and sound-recording royalties being generated from the use of your music in the USA, which remains the most profitable music market in the world. We also won’t be able to pitch your music for sync placements that help your songs earn more money and reach more ears.