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YouTube Music Distribution Made Simple

Everything you need to distribute, promote, and monetize your music on YouTube — all in one place.

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CD Baby is a flagship member of YouTube’s Preferred Distributor Program. This means YouTube recommends CD Baby as a top choice for artists who want to make the most of their music on the platform.

CD Baby opens ALL the YouTube opportunities:

  • Claim your YouTube Official Artist Channel
  • Distribute to YouTube Music
  • Generate Art Tracks videos for all your songs
  • Monetize via YouTube Content ID

Claim your YouTube Official Artist Channel

An Official Artist Channel helps consolidate all your videos on YouTube, making it easier to:

  • Manage your YouTube presence
  • Consolidate your video catalog
  • Engage with your fan community
  • Amplify your brand on the platform
  • Combine subscribers and watch-time across multiple channels
  • And more

With CD Baby, it only takes a few seconds to apply for an Official Artist Channel.

Claim Your Official Artist Channel

Get your songs on YouTube Music

CD Baby makes your music available for streaming on YouTube Music AND delivers Art Tracks for every song. (Art Tracks are videos that feature the cover art for your album or single).

Distribute your songs to one of the most powerful digital platforms ever built. You can reach listeners and earn money in two ways: paid streaming through YouTube Music and ad-supported Art Tracks on!

Let us deliver your music to YouTube today.

Get Music on YouTube

Make money when your music is used on YouTube

Any time one of your songs is used in a YouTube video — even videos you didn’t upload yourself — you’re entitled to collect ad revenue. We work in partnership with YouTube’s Content ID system to make sure every instance of your music is detected on YouTube.

Then, through CD Baby’s Social Video Monetization service (which also helps you earn money from your music in videos on Facebook and Instagram Stories), we’ll make sure you’re collecting everything you’re owed.

YouTube Monetization is INCLUDED with CD Baby distribution.

Earn YouTube money