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Make CDs & Vinyl

Many fans prefer to buy CDs. Let us make yours in just a few days!

If you plan to release your music as digital only, you’ll be missing out on sales at your next gig! Give your fans a physical album they can take home with them – an experience that transcends the convenience of a digital stream.

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The most convenient way to order custom CDs and vinyl — do every step online!

  • Fast turnaround times mean you’ll be selling CDs soon. (5 days is standard, 1- and 3-day rushes available.)
  • Professional duplication for as few as 100 discs.
  • High quality replication available for 300-5,000 discs.
  • Great-looking, eco-friendly packaging formats like Digipaks and Wallets are perfect for selling on tour!
  • Vinyl pressing at the lowest prices in the country for 100 and 200 units!
  • Simple uploading and proofing process for audio and artwork before you checkout, so you’ll be sure your CD looks the way you want.
  • Full color on disc printing included in every package.
  • Promotional bonus materials (like posters) available at a discount as part of your disc-manufacturing package.
  • Add professional mastering at affordable rates — as low as $79 $49 for one song.

100 CDs in jackets

100 CDs in jewel cases

a vinyl record enclosed by a vinyl record sleevea vinyl record enclosed by a vinyl record sleevea vinyl record enclosed by a vinyl record sleeve

100 Vinyl LPs

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