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CD Baby Stages | Every Artist Every Stage

Take your music career to the next level.

Stages offers you a full range of valuable artist services. As your career advances, Stages moves with you, unlocking new opportunities to promote your music and grow your audience. Artists who qualify can receive exclusives like playlist pitching and expedited release inspection. The best part is that these additional services are absolutely FREE.

“CD Baby allows me to focus on the music while they handle all of the back end for me. Any issues I have come across, I can immediately go to them and get it resolved. I preach CD Baby to all of my artist friends. CD Baby is BY FAR the best distribution platform with the best group of people working there!”

Olivia King

Olivia King CD Baby testimonial

CD Baby Essentials logo

Who it’s for

Your fanbase is growing: People are starting to leave comments on your videos, add you to personal playlists, and follow you on social media. If you tour, you are playing local venues.

If you’re an emerging artist, our standard services will give your career a powerful boost with global distribution, free promotional tools, and other essential services.

  • Global distribution to the world’s top music platforms
  • Social video monetization on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Sync licensing
  • Analytics and weekly payments
  • CD and vinyl manufacturing
  • Free music-promo tools
CD Baby Plus logo

Who it’s for

Your fanbase has reached a tipping point: More people are pre-adding your music, and some curated playlists are taking notice of you. You release new music regularly and support those releases with marketing plans. If you tour, you are playing larger venues farther from home.

As your music career accelerates, CD Baby Plus lets you move even faster with expedited distribution and other special perks.

Everything above, plus:

  • Free Submissions
  • Expedited service, inspection, and delivery to DSPs
  • Playlisting on CD Baby-owned playlists
  • First access to new DSP features
  • Applying for verification on Instagram and TikTok
  • The opportunity to utilize’s state of the art MAP (Managed Ads Program) service.
CD Baby Label Services logo

Who it’s for

You are driving significant traffic to streaming services, and you have a passionate fanbase that comes to see you at larger venues. They want to see you on partner playlists and wish you would release music more often.

CD Baby Label Services offers you personalized, hands-on support, including editorial pitching and full customization privileges on select music platforms.

Everything above, plus:

  • Editorial pitching for new releases
  • Fast-tracked Pandora approval
  • Video delivery to Apple
  • Automatically generated smart links through
BARii CD Baby testimonial

“CD Baby Stages has done a great job with direct pitching to the DSP’s landing my single “BAD” on multiple playlists. The single streamed 30k times on Apple Music in the first couple of days. CD Baby Stages is a great program for independent artists that are on the verge of getting to the next level.”


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