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How to Post Your Music on Apple Music in 5 Easy Steps

Wondering how to get your songs on Apple Music and in the ears of millions of potential fans? Of course you are!

Apple Music is one of the world’s biggest streaming services, and your music needs to be there. Luckily, CD Baby can make it happen.

Apple Music is a giant in the world of ad-free music streaming, with a particular focus on human playlist curation and live radio. Since Apple Music is integrated with Siri, it’s the go-to music source for users of iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices. Plus, EVERY user is a paid subscriber.

  1. How to post your music on Apple Music with CD Baby

If you’re already distributing an album or a single with CD Baby, and you’ve opted in for distribution to streaming services, we’ll deliver your releases to Apple Music automatically at no extra cost.

If you’re new to CD Baby and sign up for worldwide distribution, we’ll get your album or single onto Apple Music and 150+ other digital music platforms.

Did you know that you can also get faster access to an Apple Music for Artists account through CD Baby? Just use your CD Baby email and password when you sign up, and your account verification will be expedited.

With Apple Music for Artists, you can:

  • Track your music’s performance milestones
  • Find out who your listeners are and where they’re located
  • Upload an artist image to express your visual identity
  1. How to prepare your release for Apple Music

Music distribution checklist

A great first step is downloading CD Baby’s music distribution checklist. It has everything you need to prepare to distribute your music worldwide, including tips for what information to include, e.g. songwriter and copyright information.

In addition, CD Baby’s release plan generator can help you keep track of your pre-release deadlines so you can make sure your music is published on time.

Pre-release promotion

Promotion for your release should begin before you even post your music on Apple Music. Teasers pique fans’ interest and get them invested in your journey, and can help you attract new fans. Use social media posts, video clips, and other creative ways to get the news of your upcoming release out there, creating a steady stream of excitement prior to the release date.

Prepare your audio files

Not sure how to upload your music to Apple Music? Don’t worry! When you sign up with CD Baby, we take care of this part for you. We check your audio files, ensuring they’re properly formatted so that they’ll be approved by the music streaming platforms we partner with. You can review all the specifications in this support article.

Remember: Avoid uploading your audio files as MP3s, because that file type can’t be adapted to fit the quality needs of every platform. We encode files differently for each partner (e.g. Spotify, Pandora). Save and upload your files as FLAC or WAV files instead.

Prepare your artwork

Wondering how to add video to Apple Music as well as other visuals, like album artwork and artist photos? Visuals help grab audiences’ attention and give them a feel for your music and vibe. You can easily add your own visuals right from your Apple Music for Artists account on the mobile app or on desktop. Keep in mind that all images are reviewed by Apple, and it can take up to five days for them to get approved.

Review your metadata

When you sign up with CD Baby, you enter your metadata when you go through the steps to release an album or song through us. We recommend giving your info a final check for accuracy before you submit it so it can be uploaded to Apple Music and our other partners.

We get it — even if thinking about metadata might make your eyes glaze over. But whatever you do, don’t skip this step!

Your metadata is critical for everything from enabling people to find your music, to getting paid. Without accurate information about the songwriters and copyright holders, it can be hard (or even impossible) to collect royalties. It includes vital details like:

  • Song title
  • Artist name
  • Album title
  • Release date
  • Songwriter(s)
  • Record label
  • Copyright owner’s name(s)
  • Publisher’s name(s)
  • Genre
  • Mood and style
  • Similar artists
  • Song title
  • Artist name
  • Album title
  • Release date
  • Songwriter(s)
  • Record label
  • Copyright owner’s name(s)
  • Publisher’s name(s)
  • Genre
  • Mood and style
  • Similar artists

If you’re diligent about metadata, your release process should go smoothly.

  1. How to optimize your Apple Music profile

Claim your Apple Music for Artists profile

Time-saving tip: You can claim your Apple Music for Artists profile right from your CD Baby Dashboard — and the process is expedited through us. Click on “Tools and Promotion” in your CD Baby dashboard, then click on “Apple Music for Artist – Request Access Now” or “Click Here to Start the Process.” Here, you can create a new Apple ID or use your current one.

When you sign up for Apple Music for Artists using your CD Baby account, your account will be reviewed and verified faster (often by a few days).

Upload your Apple Music for Artists profile photo

An up-to-date profile photo supports your branding and online presence as an artist, and makes it easier for listeners to find you. Here’s how to do it:

Open Apple Music for Artists and navigate to the Manage tab to update your Apple Music profile photo. Next, go to the section labeled Artist Image. Here, you can upload your image and crop or adjust the image to the right size. Keep in mind that images need to be JPG or PNG files, and 2400 x 2400 pixels in size. When you’re ready, click Submit.

Remember that images are manually approved, so it may take a few days for your photos to appear.

  1. How to promote your music on Apple Music

Create a track preview

Track previews give listeners a taste of what to expect, and entice them to check out more of your music. In the Apple Music promotions section, search for the song that you’d like to create a preview for, select it, and then follow the prompts to customize the preview’s look.

Create a social post

Apple Music for Artists includes several marketing tools that can help you promote your music. Navigate to the promotions section on the app or website, where you can use customizable templates to design social posts.

If you’re using the app, you can share the finished posts to your social media accounts. Be sure to add a call to action that encourages your audience to listen to your music, and share with their friends and followers as well, if they’re so inclined.

Submit music to Apple Music playlists

If one of your songs is featured on an Apple Music playlist, it’s likely to provide a huge boost to your streaming numbers, monthly listeners, and fanbase growth. Once your Apple Music for Artists profile is claimed, it’s easy to submit tracks for consideration through your CD Baby account.

Be sure to keep the genre and mood of your music in mind, and select playlists that are a good match for your style. That way, you’ll have a better chance of being selected.

Track your performance

Download the Apple Music for Artists app to keep tabs on how your music is performing on the go. You can view your analytics, including your current Apple Music plays and listeners, and even see how many times your songs have been looked up on Shazam. If you go viral, or reach a milestone you’d like to celebrate with your fans, you can share the metrics from your Apple Music for Artists page, too.

  1. How to create a HearNow page with links to streaming services, including Apple Music

Now that your music is on Apple Music, you can embed your tracks into promotional pages to share with labels, bookers, festivals, and more.

Creating a one-page promotion that works on any device is easy with HearNow. It automatically populates using the information you’ve uploaded to CD Baby. You can add it on to your CD Baby release, or sign up through HearNow.

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Getting on Apple Music FAQs

  • How much does it cost to put my music on Apple Music?

    CD Baby makes releasing your tunes on Apple Music affordable. We’re a preferred Apple content provider, which means that once your music is approved, it’ll be available in just a few days.

    We distribute your music to Apple Music and other platforms for a one-time fee of just $9.99 per release (for albums or singles) — no subscription charges.

  • Can I upload my own music to Apple Music?

    In order to deliver your music to Apple Music, you have to use a music distributor like CD Baby. You’ll need to own the copyright to the music, or have permission to upload it (if you work for a label, for example).

  • How do I become an artist on Apple Music?

    You can do this by signing up with a music distributor like CD Baby and submitting your songs to Apple Music, and then claiming your artist profile in Apple Music for Artists — and the artist profile claiming process is expedited if you do it through your CD Baby account.

    Apple Music will review your music, artist page, and artwork, which can take a few days or more. When it’s ready to go, your music will be published on Apple Music, and listeners using Apple devices or accounts will be able to find it.

  • How do I get my music on an Apple Music playlist?

    Playlist features are a great way to reach new audiences, and music streaming platforms like Apple Music regularly consider unreleased songs for playlist inclusion. All you need to do is submit tracks for consideration, which you can do right from your CD Baby dashboard. Good luck!