Trending Reports and Analytics

Get stats on your plays and better understand your fans

Data is more important to musicians than ever, and it needs to be delivered in real-time. With access to key demographic and geographic information about the people engaging with your music, you can book smarter tours, evaluate your marketing efforts, and find out what’s resonating with your audience.

Connect with your global audience. Trending reports are free with CD Baby distribution.

Visualize your streaming and sales from Spotify and iTunes

map showing streaming and sales by location

See global activity on a country, state, and city level

graph showing daily streams and downloads

Track your daily streams and downloads

See the top playlist featuring your music

Trending playlist example

Spotify playlist example

Leafar Seyer

“As an artist who makes a living playing music, I can count on CD Baby’s trending reports to not only shape my promo and marketing efforts, but also to show me the resulting data quickly and accurately. It’s changed the way I promote and tour.”

Leafar Seyer

CD Baby Artist

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How to Get Your Songs on Spotify Playlists

Inside you will learn:

  • Why playlists matter so much
  • How to become a Spotify verified artist
  • The different primary types of playlists, and how to take advantage of each one
  • Tips for creating and promoting your playlists
  • Ways to get attention of prominent playlist curators
  • And much more
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Making Money from Digital Music

Inside you will learn:

  • The new musician’s mindset
  • Controlling and profiting from your rights
  • Fundamentals of music distribution
  • Online music promotion
  • Earning money from multiple music revenue sources
  • And much more
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