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Get that big sound you’ve always dreamed of.

Audio mastering is when an experienced engineer takes your final mix and optimizes it, raising the overall volume, adding clarity and punch, balancing the EQ, and, if you’re releasing an album, making sure your songs are consistent from track to track. It’s the final step in the music making process. Every single major label release gets mastered.

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6 reasons to choose the SoundLAB for the mastering of your CD, download, or vinyl release!

  • Our friendly engineers have an average of 20 years mastering experience, so you know your music will be taken care of
  • Fast turnaround! We will transform your music in as little as 3-5 days
  • World-class analog and digital gear, from Sontec, Avalon, Focusrite, and more
  • Our custom-built mastering rooms feature top-of-the-line monitoring systems featuring speakers from B&W and Dynaudio to allow us greater control in tweaking your sound
  • All of our mastering work is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you have nothing to lose except mediocre sound
  • Best of all: All of this comes at indie friendly rates starting at just $79 $49!

Master your song for just $79 $49!

How it works:

Use the Get Started button to begin the online ordering process and view all of our mastering packages and rates. After completing your order you can upload your content to the SoundLAB. In approximately 3-5 days you can download a proof of your mastered project. Upon final approval you can use the mastered WAV files from the SoundLAB to complete your submission to CD Baby!

The SoundLAB delivers professional quality audio mastering at prices indie artists can afford — and their work is 100% guaranteed.

Note: Mastering must happen prior to submitting your album or single to CD Baby.

Get your music mastered with The SoundLAB today!