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License Your Music

Get your songs placed in film, TV, video games, commercials, and more.

Sync licensing can mean big money. We’ve placed songs by artists just like you on:

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There’s an incredible volume of film, TV, commercial, and game production happening these days, and all of it needs music. Could be that YOUR music is perfect for the scene!

Which is why our sync-licensing team works directly with the world’s top music supervisors, pairing the right music with the right production.

To include your music in CD Baby’s Sync Licensing program, add CDB Boost ($39.99) to any release. This will also unlock track registration and royalty collection via the MLC and SoundExchange.

If you are a Music Supervisor or need licensing assistance, please visit

How do artists make money from sync licensing?

Music licensing can be a lucrative way to put your recordings to work. One artist recently earned $25,000 when CD Baby helped land their song on network TV. We want to help get your songs placed in TV shows, movies, videos, commercials, presentations, and more. CD Baby’s music licensing services are non-exclusive (meaning you can work with other agencies too!) and are included when you add CDB Boost ($39.99) to any album or single. Make sure you don’t miss one of the best opportunities to make money from your music.

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How data and speed give your music a licensing edge.

CD Baby is the most comprehensive rights management platform in the music industry, and we collect robust metadata on every single song in our sync-licensing catalog. That means we can move quickly on your behalf. In the world of music licensing, swift one-stop licensing can spell the difference between securing a placement and watching it go to another artist. With CD Baby, you’ll never lose an opportunity due to copyright complications or communication lag-time.