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How to Promote Your Music:
50 Quick Promo Ideas

How to Promote Your Music: 50 Quick Promo Ideas download thumbnail

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Do you have everything you need to promote your music worldwide?

Making your music available is one thing; making people care is another. But independent musicians often juggle so many tasks. You might not have a ton of time for music promotion, and you’ve got to make those marketing minutes count!

Luckily, it’s often a lot of LITTLE things that add up to buzz and momentum when you’re building a fanbase for your music. This guide will show you how to market your music in small ways that don’t require endless hours or massive budgets.

Whether you need guidance about the foundations of music promotion or you’re ready for advance music marketing tips, these 50 quick ideas will help you explore small but meaningful ways of reaching listeners, growing your social following, deepening their connection to your songs, and driving more merch and ticket sales.

Inside you will learn about:
  • Creating your most important marketing “assets”
  • Repurposing your recordings to reach more listeners
  • Producing better video content for less money
  • Real-world networking hacks
  • Social media marketing that breaks through the noise
  • How to promote your music whether you’re just getting started or more advanced in your career
  • Plus much more!