Marketing Your Music 101

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Essential tips for getting your music out there.

In the music industry, marketing is the art of telling your band’s story to the right people at the right time — and telling it well. For today’s independent artist, a good musical story (and how well it’s told) can mean the difference between obscurity and stardom. As a musician, every action you take is a chance to further your story and make meaningful connections with new fans.

Inside, you will learn about:
  • What’s at the heart of your band’s story
  • How to succinctly communicate that story
  • Why your #1 marketing goal should be to build your email list
  • Why your website is more important than any social media platform
  • How music marketing starts long before and extends well beyond an album release
  • The importance of YouTube for today’s musicians
  • Keeping your social media marketing under control
  • PR basics for contacting the media
  • And more