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CD Distribution by CD Baby & Super D

Super D One-Stop Distribution

CD sales still play a huge role in an artist's success; that's why CD Baby has partnered with Super D to make sure your fans can find your music wherever they prefer to shop. Being available in brick-and-mortar record stores not only lends you credibility, but also provides convenience for your fans. Many music buyers want to know they can go into their local shop and purchase or special-order your latest album right then and there. As the world's biggest one-stop distribution company, Super D's huge catalog is available to over 2,500 music retailers worldwide. Now your album will be, too.

  • The best in one-stop distribution
    Super D consolidates products and information from record labels, indie-artists, and movie studios around the globe to support retailers, e-retailers, and wholesalers with an easy purchasing experience.
  • Partner with a name you can trust
    Super D is an employee-owned and operated distributor that has been helping artists for over 20 years. Their mix of experience and state-of-the-art technology allows them to process over 50 million same-day orders per year.
  • Get paid weekly
    Unlike other physical distribution deals where you wait for months to get sales reports, returns figures, and payments, we ship out Super D orders within a day and pay you the following Monday.