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Sell your single worldwide. No yearly fees.

For $9.95, you can sell your newest single in 60+ download stores including iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Facebook, Spotify, and more! For $34.95 you get all of the above, plus global royalty collection with CD Baby Pro.

Sales through our Digital Partners

  • Sell your MP3 downloads in more stores

    We quickly get you up for sale with all the big guys like iTunes (in 48 hours*), Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, and eMusic, the interesting guys like MOG, the new guys (Spotify), mobile guys (Nokia), and many more. No one gives you a bigger network of retailers for your digital music distribution.
  • No annual fees

    Most digital distribution companies charge a yearly fee for every album or single they distribute. CD Baby is different. We keep a tiny 9% of net earnings. No per-delivery fees, per-region fees, cancellation fees, or hidden fees. And since there is no annual fee, we only make money when you do. We'll never kick you off for not meeting minimum sales requirements. See full pricing details.
  • Sell MP3s on the latest and greatest download sites!

    We're always scouting out new outlets for digital music distribution. After all, the garage startup of today could be the iTunes of tomorrow.
  • Track your digital download sales

    With our detailed accounting reports you'll be able to assess your performance and determine which aspects of your marketing are working best.
  • We make it easy

    We handle all the payment transactions, download fulfillment, and customer service – so you can concentrate on music.

Selling MP3s on

  • Set your own price.

    Sell your tracks for as much as $2.99, or as little
    as FREE!
  • Make the highest profit margin of any online store

    We keep only 9% and pay you a whopping 91% per download sold on our store – more than iTunes, Amazon, or any other digital music retailer. So if you set your single-song download price at 99¢ you'll get paid 90¢ per song!
  • Give away free tracks

    We allow you to price your tracks at $0, enabling fans to sign up for a free download.
  • Use the CD Baby MusicStore widgets

    Use the CD Baby Widget to sell music directly from your website. Use the Facebook MusicStore App to sell your tracks on Facebook.
  • Get your customers' contact info – build your fan list

    We provide you with the contact info for every customer who opts in to share their info – a great way to build your fan list.
  • Offer the highest quality downloads

    Your customers can choose from our standard MP3, high-res MP3 320, or a lossless FLAC file (better than CD quality).
*Once your content is approved by our distribution team and finalized by you, we deliver your music to iTunes within a few days.

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